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Red Granite Ranch

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Marc and Sharon Milligan
1021 Red Granite Ranch RdLivermore, CO 80536
303-906-4279 Sharon
303-906-7739 Marc
Fax: 970-493-0959

Sold Huacaya

 Alpaca NameColorHeritageStatusAgePrice 
 Red Granite's MateoBeigeUnproven2Sold 
 Red Granite's PennacleWhiteProven6Sold 
 Red Granites AdeenMedium BrownProven6Sold 
 Red Granites Agnes LorraineBay BlackProven5Sold 
 Red Granites Anaka RoseDark BrownUnproven8Sold 
 Red Granites BCEEWhiteUnproven3Sold 
 Red Granites Britches By Val D LsereWhite, Light BrownUnproven2Sold 
 Red Granites CayaTrue BlackProven10Sold 
 Red Granites ChamonixMedium FawnUnproven5Sold 
 Red Granites ChickletMedium FawnProven5Sold 
 Red Granites Chitsa By Val D LsereMedium FawnUnproven1Sold 
 Red Granites Cinnamon By Val D LsereMedium FawnUnproven2Sold 
 Red Granites DaunteTrue BlackUnproven1Sold 
 Red Granites Dill Pickle Unproven6Sold 
 Red Granites EbbieLight FawnUnproven5Sold 
 Red Granites Holly By Val D LsereMedium BrownUnproven2Sold 
 Red Granites InnsbruckBay Black, True BlackUnproven4Sold 
 Red Granites LachinaMedium FawnUnproven5Sold 
 Red Granites MiekoBay BlackUnproven1Sold 
 Red Granites Minnie RoseMedium BrownUnproven5Sold 
 Red Granites Mr Ben FranklinMedium BrownProven6Sold 
 Red Granites Mr Blazen HotLight BrownProven7Sold 
 Red Granites Mr Molten HotLight BrownUnproven8Sold 
 Red Granites Mr PekeloBeige, Light FawnProven8Sold 
 Red Granites Mr Rocky RoadWhite, Light BrownUnproven6Sold 
 Red Granites MR WestLight BrownUnproven9Sold 
 Red Granites Mystic By The LadBay BlackUnproven6Sold 
 Red Granites PallatonMedium BrownUnproven3Sold 
 Red Granites Pecos PeteBay Black, True BlackUnproven4Sold 
 Red Granites PhinniousDark FawnUnproven5Sold 
 Red Granites PinctusLight Fawn, Medium Fawn, Light Silver Grey, Light Rose GreyUnproven3Sold 
 Red Granites PinfireDark Silver GreyUnproven6Sold 
 Red Granites Royal BrutusMedium Rose GreyUnproven5Sold 
 Red Granites ShakiraMedium BrownProven5Sold 
 Red Granites Sizlin SerenityBay BlackUnproven2Sold 
 Red Granites Sizlin ValkyrieLight FawnUnproven4Sold 
 Red Granites Sizlin VegasDark FawnProven4Sold 
 Red Granites SnapdragonDark FawnProven4Sold 
 Red Granites SugarDark FawnUnproven3Sold 
 Red Granites Tessa's TulipDark Silver GreyUnproven4Sold 
 Red Granites WenonaWhiteUnproven3Sold 
 Snowmass Solar Silhouette & Red Granites San MoritzLight FawnProven12Sold