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About TxOLAN

The TxOLAN Alpaca Association is a regional affiliate of the national Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association (AOBA). TxOLAN is comprised of alpaca owners and other interested individuals from Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas and New Mexico.

2020 Spin-Off



Registration for the 2020 TXOLAN Alpaca Spectacular


SPIN-OFF RULES ~ Shipping Information


Deadline Info:


 Spin-Off Due Date (can be for Spin-Off only or as required for Cottage Fleece)

- Received by December 6, 2019


TXOLAN has obtained a waiver for the standard 380 day rule for Cottage and Spin-off entries. Break-out your full fleeces shown in 2019 and show them in Cottage and Spin-off! 


Therefore, the entry requirements are as follows:

  • To participate in the Cottage Fleece competition, you must also be entered in the Spin-Off competition with a 2-4 oz sample.
  • All Cottage and Spin-off Fleeces being shown at the TXOLAN Alpaca Spectacular 2020 MUST have been shorn after January 1, 2018.
  • Juvenile Fleeces must be 183 days at time of shearing or 6 months of growth to be eligible.
  • When registering a Juvenile fleece, if the fleece being presented before the judge was the FIRST shearing and the cria was not shorn or tipped after being born, then the previous shear date is the cria’s birthdate.


Registration Instructions:

Go to the TXOLAN Alpaca Association website www.txolan.org and click on the link for registering for the show.


After registering your selected alpacas, print off a copy of each fleece tag and place them with your 2 to 4 oz fleece sample in a clear, unmarked, plain, gallon-size zipper type plastic bag. Also include a photograph of your alpaca, no larger than 4”x6”.


Please refer to Part VI, Chapter 22, page 69 of the 2018 AOA Handbook for a complete set of rules. Click on this link:   AOA Show System handbook Spin-off


Scan and upload to the registration site:

  • ARI certificate for each fleece entered. If your name does not appear on the ARI, please include an Owner of Record Show Entry Form.Please ensure the copy of the ARI is of the original and not a “Certificate Copy” downloaded from the AOA site.
  • Signed Show Exhibitor Disclosure Form for Judge Wini LeBrecque. If your alpaca is co-owned and you would like both owners listed in the final results, be sure to include signed disclosures for all owners. Please read the disclosure carefully and check the two appropriate boxes.
  • When scanning, set scanner to 300 dpi and the resulting image should load to the registration site. The official registration image from AOA should be of proper size to load. If you have multiple Owner of Record forms or disclosures to upload, scan as a multi-page image. Only one file of each will load to registration site.


Mail your Hand Crafter’s Spin-off Sample to:
Lynn Betts 

TXOLAN Alpaca Spectacular 
15353 County Road 355 
Plantersville, TX 77363 


Have your spin off mailed back for $8.00 each, just check the box on your registration. If you are also registering for Cottage class, do not check box for mail back on spin-off. It will be included in the Cottage registration.   


Spin Off Entry Deadline: All Handcrafter Spin-Off entries must arrive by Friday, December 6, 2019.   


Call or Email Lynn Betts, tejasalpacas@gmail.com, or 281-794-8603 if you need help registering.