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About TxOLAN

The TxOLAN Alpaca Association is a regional affiliate of the national Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association (AOBA). TxOLAN is comprised of alpaca owners and other interested individuals from Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas and New Mexico.

Upcoming Events


2020 TXOLAN Sweetheart Spectacular

The 2020 TXOLAN Sweetheart Spectacular will include competition, education, vendors, silent and live... Details >

2018 Pen Sale

The TXOLAN pen sale is being run at the request of many different ranches.  The intent is to give all members, and even non-members, an affordable means to gain exposure for their animals. This sale will be eblasted by TXOLAN from late January to mid February.  In addition, all entries will be posted on the TXOLAN "Alpaca for Sale" tab.  We plan to also have the PEN SALE animals present on Friday evening as part of the opening of the meet & greet social.  

While sales are not guaranteed of course, your animal and your farm will gain exposure that many ranches desire.  Many animals are sold after auctions and this is an easy way for you to take advantage of trouble free marketing!  There were a few ranches that reported the exposure did lead to sales after last year's event.

Here's the current 2018 animals that are registered for the Pen Sale:

2018 Pen Sale .pdf



If you want to join this listing, here's all you have to do:

1 - Make sure you have joined and paid for your 2017 TXOLAN membership.  If you haven't, here is link back to that page:


2 - Register your PEN SALE animals that ARE NOT BEING SHOWN under PEN SALE Animals.  Each pen sale animal will be charged as follows:

Any member - $10

Non-member - $30

3 - PEN SALE animals that are not registered to show will require a separate stall.  This stall will be in a different area than your assigned show stalling.  Stall fees are approx. 1/2 of early bird pricing though without a time deadline other than standard registration times.  Stall fees are:

Any member - $40

Non-member - $80

4 - Note that if you are also showing animals, you must have sufficient show stalls for all show animals and this will be checked at registration.


Your animals DO NOT have to be registered to compete at the TXOLAN Sweetheart Spectacular in order to be part of the PEN SALE. They will be allowed on site for display in the PEN SALE which is prominent for all to see.  However, you will need a vet health certificate, microchip and AOA registration to have your animals enter the event facility.  In addition, any animals entered in the PEN SALE that are also part of TXOLAN Sweetheart show, MUST have sufficient space in previously secured and paid for show stalls.  This will also be verified during registration.