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About TxOLAN

The TxOLAN Alpaca Association is a regional affiliate of the national Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association (AOBA). TxOLAN is comprised of alpaca owners and other interested individuals from Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas and New Mexico.

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2018 Check-in, Color Check and Vet Check


Checking in at the TXOLAN Sweetheart Spectacular is designed to be friendly and efficient.  It requires participation on your part to make everything run smoothly.  Please familiarize yourself with these instructions, and bring a printed copy with you for reference.

If you are using GPS Navigation, set your Destination Address to 58 Trail Drive, Fort Worth, TX 76107

DUE TO WALKING FLEECE COMPETITION WE HAVE TO Check-in on THURSDAY (February 8, 2018)    Between noon (12:00) and 7:30pm. 

We understand that this can create new logistical issues and we will work with you to accommodate where possible.  If you travel separately from your trailer, please schedule the trailer for Thursday delivery. 

If it is impossible to make it on Thursday, please contact and discuss arrangements for Friday morning arrival and vet/color check with either of the following:

Larry Ferguson at or (817) 269-3997 (cell)

or Ray McDonald at or (817) 239-0725 (cell)

  Compliance and Color Checks must be completed by 7pm on Thursday (unless arrangements are specifically detailed).

 Have the following paperwork with you:

  • CVI (Vet Health Papers) with a copy for the show. These should include Microchip numbers and BVDV test results including the Type of Testing – PCR or VI. This test MUST be a PCR type if done after 1/1/2010.  If done prior to 1/1/2010, VI (Virus Isolation) is acceptable. Texas does not require TB/Brucellosis testing for this show.  However, your own state or those you travel through may require these tests for transition or re-entry. The date of the CVI must be within 30 days of the show (no earlier than January 12, 2018).

  • Copies of your ARI Certificates (the ones with the AOA stamp) – just in case

  • Copy of your Exhibitor Disclosure Form – also just in case

  • Permission To Show form(s) – if applicable

  Check-In Procedure:

  • Enter the 58 Trail Dr. gate.  The road turns left after the gate.  The WR Watt Arena is on the corner as you turn.  The very next street is Rip Johnson.  Go past the next barn andturn left to gain access to the rear of Cattle Barn 3 and 2.  Follow the signs to Alpaca Check-In.

  • Stop at the entrance to the Arena.  A representative of your ranch should go into the large arena door to the Check-In Desk.  Have your paperwork with you.  Identify your ranch.  Alpacas will be Vet-checked on the trailer.  Once Vet-checked, you will be given a pink Check-In Sheet.  This is very important.  You cannot get into the Arena without it.  A Post-it Note with your Ranch and driver’s cell phone will be placed inside your front window.  Please do not remove this.

  • Once you have completed your vet check please move your vehicle and trailer into the parking zone.  THIS IS CRITICAL to allow others to gain access to vet check.  Your stall information will be on the pink sheet.  

  • Volunteers will help you unload.  Please unload all your gear and your animals as quickly as possible.  Once unloaded, pull your trailer forward and outside to trailer parking.  DO NOT SET UP YOUR STALLS UNTIL YOU HAVE REMOVED YOUR TRAILER FROM THE TEMPORARY PARKING ZONES.  There simply is not enough room to leave unloaded trailers in the arena parking zones.

  • As soon as you can (and prior to 3pm), take your animals and the pink sheet to Compliance and Color Checking in the show ring.

  • Once you have been Compliance-checked, exchange your pink sheet for your show numbers and exhibitor packet at the volunteer who is set up at Compliance and Color Checking.  You will also be asked to settle up any fees owed.  This must be done before you can obtain your numbers and packet.  Numbers needing color/class change will be retained and returned to you once the new class is assigned.  Listen for announcements.

  • Biosecurity: Stall assignments will be made to minimize nose-to-nose contact between farms.  However, we expect 320+ alpacas.  You may wish to consider hanging a barrier such as a tarp or drape to minimize contact.  Also, many exhibitors are now making liberal use of hand sanitizers for themselves and visitors to their stalls.  If you pre-paid for stall mats and biowash, your stalls will have been prewashed and stall mats installed all prior to your arrival.

  • This procedure is a work-in-progress.  Be nice to the volunteers.  Remember, they are volunteers.  Enjoy the show and we welcome any suggestions for making things better.