Next Chapter Alpacas

The Next Chapter is an Adventure!

Randy and Cora Marburger
4290 Maass RoadBurton, TX 77835
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Target audience
Our target audience is a family that loves caring for animals and is looking for a way to generate an income flow. This family could be preparing for a large acreage or has a large acreage.

About Our animals
We have been learning about alpacas since 2011 from four of the best alpaca breeders in Texas and Oklahoma, where our beautiful animals are being boarded at this time. Next spring our alpaca ranch will be complete so we move into our new home, barn, and shop, then have our Huacaya’s and Suri’s with us, so we can continue to our breeding and alpaca fleece marketing program.

Our animals:
Candace and Larry Wingo, Navasota, TX/Mountain Dream Alpacas
Randy & I started our alpaca family here. Victoria gave birth to Juliet on 4/4/12. Candace noticed that Victoria was having trouble walking before Juliet was born. We found out that she had a hip issue and needed surgery. So now we know that we cannot breed Juliet because of a genetic issue. She will be another fiber animal for us.

Huacaya Alpacas
• Victoria was born 12/5/2008 and is a medium fawn.
• Juliet (DAM was Victoria) born 4/4/2012 and is a medium brown.
• Cinnamon was born 3/12/2013 and is bay black.
• Olivia was born 5/21/2012 and is white.

Suri Alpacas
Mia Bella was born 1/7/2008 and is a medium fawn
Romeo (DAM is Mia Bella) was born 2/27/2012 and is a medium fawn

Steve Hull, Arcadia, OK/Timberlake Farms
Randy & I visited Steve and purchased Motion, Charlotte, and Alpachae.

Suri Alpacas
Motion was born10/21/2006 and is medium fawn.
Charlotte was born 5/18/2010 and is medium fawn
Alpachae, our herd shire was born 12/15/2010 and is a medium fawn

Bobbie & Diane Dickerson, Guthrie, OK/Rockin’ D Enterprises
We recently purchased Mondavi when he was six months old.
Suri Alpacas
Mondavi, our future herd shire who was born 6/12/2014 who is medium fawn
They will soon provide a breeding to Motion and Charlotte.

Joel and Julie Plummer, McDade. TX/Hummer Homestead Alpacas
Cinnamon from Mt Dream Alpacas is now at Hummer Homestead Alpacas for an upcoming breeding.

Next Chapter Alpacas – Suri’s and Huacaya’s

Our alpaca ranch, Next Chapter, is still a work in progress. My son, Doug, and I are working on the interior of the shop for the property, which will have 1,000 square foot living space, a three-car garage with a car lift in one bay (for ANY spare time that I might have). The barn is planned for this spring and then Doug and I will setup the interior pastures. The house construction will begin early in 2016. At that point, we will be able to bring our animals to our property and begin the pleasures of tending our animals.

As we are beginning our “NEXT CHAPTER” in life, we are looking forward to being able to raise quality Suri’s and Huacaya’s. The path to this chapter, Alpacas, began several years ago (around August of 2006) after seeing Mike Rowe on “Dirty Jobs” helping an alpaca farm shear animals. After that, Cora fell in love this these animals – she did NOT want cattle. We started looking at various alpaca farms in Texas and attended TXOLAN alpaca shows. Randy