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McPaca Ranch

Where Genetics Matter©

Ray & Laurie McDonald
8908 Clay Hibbins RoadKeller, TX 76248
(817) 454-7448
(817) 239-0725

Kash making friends at open house

I think she is liking this business!
Reiling Porteus' Vertigo - National Elite Blue Ribbon
Just checking on ya!

We grew up with livestock, ran cattle on this property until changing over to alpacas as we became more subdivision surrounded. There is an excitement and pleasure in working with these animals and this industry. More people are hearing about us, visiting and spreading the word. We've expanded our operations to include products that we feel do a nice job in representing the quality and fineness of fleece that makes these animals so special. Having recently added three new females and making arrangements for some very serious studs, we are looking forward to the coming year to see how the results of these very serious genetic decisions look when they turn into crias on the ground! Combine this with continued studies and a focus on the ongoing care of our customers, friends and folks that just need some help and this business will do well.

We are open by appointment - please contact Laurie at (817) 454-7448. If you are only interested in tours, we generally we schedule you for a weekend morning. If you are interested in the store or purchasing animals, we have more times available.

Be sure to check the Events page and blog for updates. Or if you are a Facebook fan visit our McPaca Ranch page also.

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Farm Terms & Financing

Prices do not include transportation/delivery. Financing can be arranged over 6-24 months depending on size of current purchase and experience on prior purchases. Sales do include a non-refundable deposit generally not exceeding 10%.

Welcome to Our Ranch

We're glad that you found our website. McPaca Ranch has been an active member of the alpaca since 2010. We wok to be full service in ranching, breeding and mentoring communities, including being an Alpaca Mentor. We have now reached a series of issues that requires us to change paths. Please take a look at our sales lists and enjoy learning more about our ranch. We welcome your inquiries and questions and look forward to discussing your options with our herd!! We are also closing visits unless you are interested in store items or the alpacas.